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Free Alarm Clock

Developer Comfort Software Group

As its name says, Free Alarm Clock is a free tool that helps you set up alarms that will remind you of ...

Talking Alarm Clock

Developer Cinnamon Software Inc.

Talking Alarm Clock lets your computer remind you of important dates and events. It uses Microsoft® Agent to show a talking animated alarm. The ...

Easy MP3 Alarm Clock

Developer Deepcom.com

Easy MP3 Alarm Clock is an easy-to use alarm clock that will help you to be on time with all your dates and deadlines. The ...

PC Alarm Clock

Developer CoYee Software Inc.

PC Alarm Clock is a shareware alarm clock for our Windows desktop. When creating an alarm, we can choose the alarm mode (once, hourly, daily ...

Computer Alarm Clock

Developer Tarsoft

Computer Alarm Clock is a simple clock for your desktop that allows you to set multiple alarms. The clock can be moved all ...

Karen's Alarm Clock

Developer Karen Kenworthy

This simple utility allows you to set five different alarm times and you can write description for each setter time as well. This desktop ...

Daily Alarm Clock

Developer Sean Regan

Daily Alarm Clock is a very flexible software tool which allows users to set a different alarm for different days. It also allows them to ...

iTunes Alarm Clock

Developer Nate DeSimone and Geoff Basore

iTunes Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that talks nice with iTunes. How hateful it is to have your alarm clock not ...

Desktop Alarm Clock

Developer Vaughan

This program was designed to enable the user to change the graphics and the alarm sound. The "user" folder ...

Perfect Free Alarm Clock

Developer Celescom.com

Perfect Free Alarm Clock allows you to create as many alarms as you need in a very easy and convenient way. You can configure ...

Alarm Clock of Justice

Developer ForrestHeller.com

Alarm Clock of Justice is a great free alternative to electronic alarms. This alarm will wake you up with your favorite song or even ...

My Alarm Clock

Developer Krtech-software

This simple utility allows you to set alarm time and date, and you can write relevant description for the alarm ...

MP3 Alarm Clock

Developer Equanimity

The days of your annoying alarm clock noises are over. MP3 Alarm Clock turns your computer into an ...

DelMar Alarm Clock

Developer DelMar Information Technologies

Unlike most alarm clock programs that include excessive unrelated features, DelMar Alarm Clock is designed to do ...


Developer Logiccode Software

1. Accuracy of 100%. The alarm never fails. Selection of alarm time in HR:MIN:SEC format. 2. Selection of custom sound file which will be ...